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Plug in Home Diffuser (Includes Oil)

Includes Tranqill Oil

$ 120.00 USD
Product Details

Transforming Must into Magical Mist

The innovative compact Plug in diffuser for your home , so you can get to enjoy the alluring scent throughout the day, every day.

Experience a Premium Scenting Experience within your own home!


1. Plug and Play mount to wall.

2. Scent Coverage up to 800 square ft

3. The machine doesn't require any water. Just mount the essential aroma oil (sold separately) to the diffuser, plug in and let the magic happen.

4. There are 4 different adjustable strength Options as to how strong you want the scent to permeate, and you choose the preferred mode as well. The smart mode ensures it only runs when the room has sufficient lighting, and the 24 hr mode, keeps the space smelling luxurious around the clock!